R&D Process
Our R&D experts at the BSE R&D lab are divided into the speaker group and the microphone group, and the company has made its unceasing R&D efforts. Each and every R&D expert at BSE has co-worked with a variety
of BSE suppliers in numerous part/product design projects. These R&D experts specialize in such areas as electro-acoustics, electrical engineering, material science, computer modeling and others. Such expertise and rich experience have been applied to many different applications (e.g. receiver, speaker, microphone, etc.).
1. Review & design
When entering into an agreement with any client, BSE thoroughly reviews and designs all of its products. In addition, the company takes various aspects (e.g. eco-friendliness, patent, legal requirements, etc.) into full consideration.
2. Prototype production
The in-house 3d simulation modeling of BSE is best suited for commercializing discrete product concepts.
3. Properties assessment
Our in-house anechoic chamber test coupled with our top-notch technology will identify crucial properties of a product at its design phase, and our in-house reliability test will effectively assess
4. Mass production
Before entering into the mass production phase, BSE undergoes an overall feasibility review process covering a wide spectrum of issues (e.g. product requirements, product structure, product specifications, etc.). In addition, the company has established diverse mass production lines in Incheon, china and Vietnam.