Recruiting process
BSE has utilized a variety of fair recruiting tools designed to analyze each applicants’ skills and competence
Recruiting Process
job application, cover letter, resume, diploma, transcript, etc
1st interview
interview Division/team managers (written test if applicable)
2nd interview
interview with CEO
General medical examination
general medical examination health checkup at a hospital designed by BSE
Job offer
offered a job if all the steps above are passed
Job Application Process
01. download a job application
you can download a job application from the BSE homepage
02. fill out the job application
you must include your photo and a Division/team for which you are applying
03. submit your resume and cover letter
any form or format is acceptable, however, any entry-level applicant should submit his or her cover letter while an experienced applicant should submit both resume and cover letter
04. submit your diploma and transcript
05. submit all of your licenses and certificates
copies of such licenses and certificates, if any, should be submitted
06. e-mail & mailing address
E-mail :
mailing address : 193, Namdongseo-ro, Nadong-gu, south Korea(To:Recruiting representative, General Affairs & HR Team
you can verify the content of our job application after downloading the application.