Public welfare system
BSE treasures the happiness of its employees and fully supports the richness of their personal and professional lives. In line with such core value, the company has provided various employee benefit packages in order to encourage their sound hobbies and leisure activities and to eventually enrich their lifestyles
Personal benefits
Four major insurances
Unemployment insurance / work accident insurance / health insurance / national pension
Annual leave
Annual leaves and related allowances in accordance with the labor standards act
Personal leave
Paid leaves for certain personal events
Paid leaves to stimulate better productivity
Free condo
Free use of condos owned by the company
Medical checkup
Medical check up for employee
Financial benefits
Personal event allowance
Allowances for personal events
Employee association
Additional allowances for the employee association
Benefits for overseas BSE employees
Various subsidies (E.g. extra pay, moving expense, living expense, tuition, etc.)
Long term tenure employee award
Exemplary employee award
Self-help Benefits
Subsidies for Language courses
In-house society
External course relating to job skills