Analog Top & Bottom Port Microphones
Digital Top & Bottom Port Microphones
High SNR
Small Package
Max RF protection
Wide-band Frequency Response
MEMS microphones by BSE are manufactured based on its exclusive silicon wafer process, hence showing excellent performance under various circumstances. In addition, its size got much smaller than the previous model, ECM (electret condenser microphone). based on the same operating principle as that of a typical ECM(electret condenser microphone), these mems microphones have been widely applied to the following electro-acoustic applications: cell phone, smart phone, smart TV, PDA, digital still camera, IC recorder, laptop pc, notebook, robot cleaner, refrigerator, table pc, and so forth.
Furthermore, since these mems microphones are packed in T&R (tape and reel) forms, they can be applied to automated SMT processes.
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(dB relV/1Pa)
Analog 4.00x3.00x1.20 Bottom -38±1 70 136 Link
-38±1 69 133
Analog 3.50x2.65x0.98 Bottom -38±1 66.5 124 Link
Analog 2.75x1.85x0.90 Bottom -38±1 62.5 124 Link
Digital 4.00x3.00x1.20 Bottom -36±1 68.5 130.5 Link
-36±1 65.5 130
Digital 4.00x3.00x1.00 Bottom -26±1 64.6 120 Link
-26±1 64 119
Digital 3.50x2.65x0.98 Bottom -26±1 64.5 121 Link
-26±1 63.5 121