BSE is strongly committed to becoming a global sound specialist that will leave an eye-opening footprint in the history of the audio component industry.
2000’s ~
Stepping up to the next level as a global leader in the sound system industry
Since renamed as BSE in 2000, the company has established its overseas branches in the us and Europe as well as the production facilities in china in order to expand its global market coverage. As a consequence, BSE has won various national awards (e.g. presidential award, usd100 million export award, etc.) and made notable achievements as follows;
◈ 2018
       01   CEO Yoon Dong-uk, Kim Tae Sub
◈ 2017
       12   Winning the World Class Small Giant
              Grand prize
◈ 2012
       04   Incorporated BSE Vietnamese (Ngh An)
       03   Obtained AEO certificate (AEO: Authorized
              Economic Operator)
◈ 2011
       11   Incorporated BSE Vietnam (Hai Duong)
◈ 2010
       07   Incorporated BSE Sensors Co., Ltd.
◈ 2008
       06   Built a Chinese factory in Ningcheong
◈ 2006
       01   Won the 'USD 100 million export award'
◈ 2005
       09   Incorporated BSE china (Tianjin)
◈ 2004
       10   Obtained the 'Korean industrial medal'
       04   Moved head office to Namdong
              Industrial Complex
◈ 2003
       08   #1 market share in the global ECM industry
       06   Obtained the TL9000 certificate
              (infocommunications-related certificate)
◈ 2002
       07   Established a French office
       03   Won the 'presidential award'
◈ 2001
       10   Obtained the ISO 14001 certificate
              (environmental management system)
       08   Incororated BSE china (Dongguan)
◈ 2000
       12   Obtained the single ppm certificate (SMBA)
       10   Established a US sales office (Chicago)
       06   Established an European office (Frankfurt)
       04   renamed as BSE Co., Ltd
1990’s ~
BSE has always led the modern culture of audio components.
Since incorporated in 1987 as Bosung electronics, BSE has always led the modern culture of audio components. With its in-house sound lab, BSE will endeavor to make ongoing R&D efforts to provide each and every customer of ours with better, richer lifestyle.
◈ 1999
       09   Obtained the Y2K certificate (KMA)
       05   Obtained the ISO 9001 certificate (SMBA)
◈ 1998
       06   Registered as a venture business
       05   Won the 'presidential award'
               as a exemplary SME
       02   Relocated the production facility (Incheon)
◈ 1997
       10   Opened the electro-acoustics lab
       02   Won the 'minister's award' (SMBA)
◈ 1996
       02   Selected as an up-and-coming SME
◈ 1991
       10   Joined the electronics industries association
              of Korea
◈ 1988
       12   Exported the c-mic manufacturing
              technology and equipment
              to a Taiwanese company
       05   Joined the Korea electronic
              industries cooperative
◈ 1987
       05   Incoporated Bosung Electronics