Replaceable on Analog MEMS application : Totally same PWB pattern & outer dimension
Price competiveness : BSE In-House manufacturing
TDMA Noise free : Improved RFI
Strong EMI function : Embedded planar decoupling filter
Very robust against mechanical shock
Strong resistance against penetration of outer fine impurities : polymer membrane
Independent MEMS patent issue : ECM based structure
High SNR (Typical 65DB) : Electrically upgraded parts
Circle type ECM(Ø9.7~Ø3 Series)
Circle type Analog SMD(Ø6~Ø3 Series)
Strong EMI, ESD function : Built in EMI filter
* Varistor
High reliability : High thermal resistant materials
Differential sucuit applicable
Noise shielding : capsuling and grounding
Stable SMD process : there is no any SMD processissue in field
ecms (electret condenser microphones) with widely-ranged electro-acoustic applications are manufactured based on the stare-of-the-are technology and have been widely adopted in many areas (e.g. cell phone, smart phone, smart tv, pda, digital still camera, ic recorder, laptop pc, notebook, robot cleaner, refrigerator, table pc, etc.) thanks to their high quality, high efficiency and stron competitiveness. a broad line of products offered by BSE include round ecm (Ø9.7~Ø3 series), round analog smd(Ø6~Ø3 series), square analog smd, high snr, and so forth. in particular, BSE has successfully launched such pin-to-pin type a-smd (asmo_c110t-3p) model comparable to a mems microphone for better customer satisfaction
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(dB relV/1Pa)
Analog Ø4.0x1.0 Top -40~-44±3 58 130.5
Analog Ø4.0x1.3 Top -40~-44±3 58 131.5
Analog Ø4.0x1.5 Top -40~44±3 >58(Max63) 127.5
Analog Ø6.0x2.2 Top -35±3 70 122
-40±3 66 128